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June 2023

Breaking out of mortgage prison: can easing serviceability buffers help?

Have you been keen to refinance but told you can't? You're not alone. Many Australian households are currently locked into their home loans due to rising interest rates. But some banks have recently s...

Homebuying intentions climb as Aussies untie themselves from rental crunch

Despite the soaring cost of living and successive interest rate hikes, homebuying intentions have climbed, latest data shows. So why are so many people still chasing the great Australian dream? And...

Mortgage serviceability: how to jump through the hoops

Mortgage serviceability can feel like a frustrating hurdle to clear. But it's an important safeguard against borrowing too much, particularly in the current interest rate landscape.    It's...

RBA attempts to beat back inflation with another rate hike, up to 4.10 percent

Drumroll ... The RBA has hiked the official cash rate for the 12th time since April 2022, increasing it to 4.10%. How much will this increase your monthly repayments? And how long does Philip Lowe...

Why more Aussies are turning their backs on the McMansion

Australians are increasingly "thinking small" when it comes to buying a home and cracking the property market. And with perks like affordability, more desirable locations, and lower maintenance, it's...