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We can help in achieving the best outcome for our clients

Personal loans for all purposes

Personal finance/loans, Assisting with Personal loans from initial enquiry to settlement


At Australia Wide we are experts in Personal Loans and Asset Finance. We are brokers with a large number of lenders on our panel so we can find the perfect loan for you and give you the highest chance of a quick successful outcome.


After an initial consultation we will give you a return call within 2 business hours to get the ball rolling. Contact us now to see how we can help.




The Sky's The Limit

We are brokers for personal loans

We are brokers for personal loans with a Large Panel of lenders to help in achieving the best out come for our clients



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What we can provide you

Rather than going to the bank with only one set of products and one policy our unique software can find the right placement for you with one of our many lenders. We offer a more personalised service and work with you from start to finish with constant updates along the way.

We have a friendly and dedicated team that can assist with personal loans for all purposes. Whether you are looking to buy a car, boat, caravan, pool, home renovations, take a holiday, pay for a wedding or any purpose including consolidating debts we’ll be there from the first phone call to the settlement of your loan and answer any questions along the way.





Personal loans

We have can help you as we have access to the best personal loans available

Vehicle finance

With us you have the best possible chance for a full approval.

Asset finance

We have access to many lenders to help secure the best deal for you.



Personal loans

Interest rate

An interest rate will be individually assessed to reflect your credit score and financial position.


The repayment amount is calculated over the term of the loan which can be 3-7 years.


We have both secured and unsecured. Secured loans will have a lower interest rate.

Important criteria

You must be over 18 and an Australian Citizen. Have an income and have your financial position verified.



Vehicle finance

With our large panel of lender’s we’ll give the best chance to secure finance for new or used car.

Many lenders will only take new or used cars up to a certain age as a security. With our panel of lenders this opens more opportunity for you to have a secured loan at a lower rate for an older vehicle.

We can still assist with an unsecured loan should the car you are purchasing not qualify to be secured by the loan.

Interest rate

Combined with your credit score the type of vehicle will also be assessed to determine the interest rate


The repayment amount is calculated over the term of the loan which can be 3-7 years.


Car loans are secured by the vehicle that you are purchasing.

Important criteria

You must be over 18 and an Australian Citizen. Have an income and have your financial position verified.




Asset finance

We know how to give you the BEST chance of getting approved. Great rates and expert knowledge.

If you are a restaurant wanting a new fryer or an Earth Moving Company after and new Backhoe, we can assist, Asset Finance allows a business to purchase equipment/machinery that will help that business to grow. The loan is in the name of the business and is secured by the asset. The business owners/directors act as guarantors on the loan.

Spread your repayments over the life of the equipment. No capital outlay. Structured repayments to suit your cash flow.

Interest rate

Asset Finance is assessed individually and given a credit score that determines the rate.


The repayment amount is calculated over the term of the loan which can be 3-7 years.


Asset Finance loans are secured by the Asset that you are purchasing.

Important criteria

Borrower has to be an Australian business with an ABN, guarantor must be an Australian Citizen.




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what our clients have to say

I came with a very complex scenario. They were more than happy to have a look as other banks had stalled at what I was proposing.

They found a solution and a positive outcome for what I was pursuing.

Thanks, great job.

Peter Tonkin

Such an easy process when Mick is involved. He was supportive and so well organised every step of the way!

Tara Monnie

Easy Peasy!

Jane Forest



Most frequent questions and answers

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan sits between an expensive credit card and a home loan. It’s much easier than applying for a home loan.
Personal loans are most used to buy a car, caravan, boat or do some home renovations like installing a pool. You can use them to pay for a wedding or consolidate your debts.

How much are the interest rates?

Personal loan rates are determined individually depending on your financial position and the purpose of the loan. You will be advised of the rates and associated fees for all loans.

What is the difference between a secured and an unsecured loan?

A secured loan is when you have a car or boat as collateral to support the loan. An unsecured loan has no collateral attached to it. Interest rates are lower for secured loans as there is less risk for the lenders.

How much will repayments be?

You can use the calculator on the site to give you an idea. Loan terms are from 3 to 7 years. The shorter the term the higher the repayments but you will pay less interest.

Can I make extra repayments?

Yes, you can generally make extra repayments or put a lump sum on the loan. Your repayments will remain unchanged, but the loan will be paid out sooner. It’s important to check with each product to ensure their policy on extra repayments suits your needs.

What if I have a bad credit rating?

With so many lenders on our panel we can still assist if you are credit impaired. If we can’t help right now, we can assist with cleaning up your credit score so you can move towards securing finance in the future.

How much can I borrow?

Our minimum loan amount is 10k and generally up to 100k. We can look at higher amounts on request.

How long do the loans go for?

The loan terms are 3 to 7 years. You can pay them out sooner to save on interest.

How do I qualify?

You’ll have to be an Australian citizen and earning a regular income. We’ll have to verify your assets and income. We need to make sure that you can afford the loan through our serviceability calculators.

Can I roll my current debts into one?

Yes, you can roll a number of loans into one easy repayment often saving you on Interest.

What are the pros and cons of debt consolidation?

Consolidating debt can increase your cashflow and save you money on interest enabling you to pay the debt down sooner. For example, if you take out a $10,000 personal loan at an interest rate of 7%, you can repay an existing $5,000 personal loan at 11% and a $2,000 credit card at 20% and a Wallet Wizard loan at 45%! The catch is to ensure that you payout the respective loans with the funds and avoid getting into the same spiral of expensive finance.

Can I pay out a tax debt?

Yes, we have lenders on out panel that will consider loans to pay out ATO tax debts.



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